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Watercolor Mediums

Watercolor Mediums
Masking watercolors in detail is much easier using the new Drawing Gum applicator by Sennelier. Save your brushes by using these 1.2oz bottles of thin formula masking fluid. Drawing gum bottles come with an applicator that features a detail (.5 mm) opening and pin-cap that keeps the opening block-free.

Masking Fluid serves to to isolate the background areas on your painting when used with watercolor, ink or gouache. It can be applied with a brush or nib, and is slightly tinted to differentiate from white backgrounds.

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Drawing Gum Display of 24 10-142611-00 Drawing Gum Display of 24 3046450030447 $378.00
Masking Fluid 75ml Bottle 10-142600-75 Masking Fluid 75ml Bottle 3046450102021 $21.50
Drawing Gum 1.25 oz tube with applicator 10-142600-37 Drawing Gum 1.25 oz tube with applicator 3046450025221 $15.75