Company Family

Savoir-Faire Family

Savoir-Faire is dedicated to the success and profitability of our retail partners, we understand that we must strive for excellence in customer service, product development, marketing and operations. To help achieve our objectives, we bring only talented individuals on board who share our vision, professionals with both an impressive educational and experiential background. In our midst, we have photographers, painters, mixed-media and “performance” artists, printmakers and former art store managers. We also count musicians, avid outdoorsmen, golfers and the occasional reality TV show junkie among our talented team.

We create a vibrant atmosphere, intellectually challenging, allowing for creative thought and expression. Our halls are adorned with the artwork of employees and our artist friends as a continual reminder of our passion and vision. Often, it can be said we go above and beyond to ensure our brand promise, seeing and performing in a decidedly different manner from our competitors.

Savoir-Faire Founders

Maureen Labro 

Pierre Guidetti

A Day in the Life of Savoir-Faire

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